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What children and young people have said:

Student Paper Writing

Vanessa was very helpful, gave great advice and always cheered me up

It was good to have someone who understood the situation to talk to, and to give me good advice and ways to cope

I liked the games and activities I played with Vanessa, seeing her helped me understand what was going on inside my head

Vanessa  was exceptional.     Keep up the fantastic work!

What parents have said:

I found Vanessa extremely understanding and very approachable. She has made a huge difference to ***'s life and I cannot express properly what an amazing impact this has had in all other areas of ****'s life too!

Vanessa was brilliant with **** and managed to get him to open up about his feelings. We had tasks to do together and I was able to make positive changes in our relationship, thanks to Vanessa's support. We had 6 visits but the change has been dramatic.

Vanessa was very helpful to myself and more importantly to my son – he felt very relaxed in her company

I found Vanessa very easy to talk to. She quickly had a thorough idea of all of the problems that we were trying to deal with. I especially liked how she dealt with **** knowing just when to stop. She showed real empathy to my situation and was very supportive

It was good and helpful that both my children were able to speak to a helpful unbiased person, which did help them understand what was happening between mum and dad, and I noticed a marked difference after the first two sessions

Brilliant! I would definitely recommend Vanessa to others

Just to thank Vanessa for her kindness and understanding – I know **** will always remember how she has helped and he regularly puts into practice tips that he got!

I would recommend Vanessa to anyone as now I have a peaceful home again – and *** is now going to get the best chance at having a fulfilled life. I am very grateful to Vanessa

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